Make your creatures evolve and kill them following trends of the food industry.

In the neo-victorian era, space exploration made tastes of the people sophisticated.
Luckily, the discovery of a profilic, stupid and prone to the evolution alien race has opened up exciting new market opportunities for bolder entrepreneurs. Be one of them: build your own farm, apply a barbaric form of genetic engineering, destroy the delicate natural environment and profit by selling the flesh of thy cattle to restaurants!
The game is a MANAGEMENT SIM, with sandbox elements.
Every creature you grow have its own dna and his particular features.


revilievillodNew graphic style


BETA 0.1

- Make your creatures evolve through artificial selection.

- Feed them, watch them born and grow, pet them and kill them for profit.

- Over a thousand different evolutions!

- Circle of life: creatures hatch from eggs, eat, sleep, reproduce, grow old and die.

revilievillodThousand of genetic combinations

- Place fences and conveyor belts to force the path of creatures.

- Buy robots to do the dirty work: the farmer, the butcher, the medic and the ninja.

- Larger world.

- 5 different biomes that can influence evolution.

- Terraforming: change the biome according to your needs (with a tile editor).

revilievillodRobotic helpers

BETA 0.2

- PVP: design your own team of creatures and make them fight with those of other players.

- PVP: design your own pvp's arena.

- New evolutions and tools.

The game will be in eternal development: there will always be new updates, patches and gameplay elements. Be sure to follow us on twitter and check our website.